Welcome to Wrongtown, the perfect excuse to indulge in the wrong side of art on the wrong side of town.

For one day only, on Saturday August 7 2010, twenty five of Melbourne's most provocative and creative space invaders moved into an empty house at a secret location and made it their own.

Invitations to Wrongtown were spread via an email postcard and scrap peices of paper scrawled with only some very limited details on how to find Wrongtown.
'In order to visit Wrongtown, you will need to get off the number 8 tram (heading south from the city) at stop number 32. In nearby  'Rockley Gardens' you will see a flower stall. It is here that you must wait for directions at 2pm sharp. All late comers can ask directions from Tina at the flower stand.

  The 'Glitter Poo Fountain.' After weeks of artists working in the house washing all kinds of materials down the sink along with abnormal amount of glitter being flushed down the toilet, the sewerage pipe decided to burst bang on 2pm, Wrongtown opening time.   
   This incurred a $400 plumbing bill and a very unimpressed plumber working hard on a saturday.

Wrongtown Zine, Ace Wagstaff

Curators :Theresa Harrison, Tai Snaith and Yvette Bacina.
(Photograph: Sophie Neate)